Thank you for all your excellent posts on Ai. You got me started on Chatgpt etc as a new author and of late I’ve been using Sudowrite albeit that’s bit of a harder challenge to use to one’s benefit without spending a fortune on wasted words when your learning to use it! As for tipping - I live in Spain now since 2015, having lived in the uk for 58 years and no one tips here, or at least outside the 3 main cities. The Spanish don’t do it nor expect it and find it really weird when we Brits give them extra money with the bill! Most other expats here don’t tip either. Especially the Dutch!!! I’ve never liked ‘the expected’ or an extra included % on the bill as a gratuity. I think that’s very presumptuous. If a waiter etc has given me excellent service I want to reward them personally for that extra mile, not the cafe or restaurant for simply selling me something as their business, unless it’s above and beyond what I expected. However I went back to the uk last year for the first time in 6 years and was shocked how at the pay points you had to press NO to refuse to tip a given amount shown regardless of the amount of purchase before being able to show your card on your mobile to make the actual payment, all the time being watched in anticipation by the teller!!! I delighted in ticking NO and again went to the particular person and gave them the tip I wanted to. Even at the airport shop coming back home it was applied for me to buy an already overpriced magazine!!! Spain may still be behind the rest of the world sometimes but I think we’ve got so much right here and the ‘modern’ western world has gotten too greedy. Just my opinion and thank you for asking.

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Very interesting. Your comment made my day. I am glad that this newsletter is helping you and hoping that is helping many others.

It is very true the cultural aspect of tipping as many options do not practice it, but i have to say that I have been in situations where I pay for a product and the screen after leads me to give at least 15% when I do not necessarily want to give as much.

Please continue sharing your views, experience, suggenstions and ideas you may have. Thanks.

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